Enhanced Bali Kratom Powder

$ 12.99

Our highest quality powder from the island of Bali is now available to our customers. This type of Kratom is identified as dark leaves with a strong fragrant smell.

The kratom powder we offer is made from the leaves of a tree in the coffee family called Mitragyna speciosa. Highest quality kratom and available in a fine powder. The leaves have been processed to bring you the quality and fragrance you expect.

Our kratom is sourced from the highest quality suppliers in Southeast Asia that have been growing it for generations.

kratom leaves

The Bali is an excellent choice but if you are looking to add more selection, check out some of our other sets of varieties.

Varieties of Kratom from PA Botanicals

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Enhanced Kratom

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This strain has extract added by 10% volume.

 All of our kratom goes through a strict, three step process.

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