Lab Tests

Safety is a TOP priority to us here at PA Botanicals. We are dedicated to providing only the best quality products to our customers. This is why we lab test each shipment to ensure our products are 100% pure and safe! We are committed to being completely transparent regarding all of our practices and products. Rest assured, your Kratom is handled and stored with care with GMP compliant equipment and protocols.  We have built a relationship with the same supplier for over 4 years now, so you can depend on the quality and consistency each time you order with us.


We have a dedicated customer service team who are very knowledgeable, that would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have.


We test each shipment for the following: Escherichia coli (AOAC 991.14), Salmonella spp. MDS Method (AOAC 2016.01), Listeria spp. MDS method (2016.07), Yeast and Mold (AOAC 997.02), and Lead (SW6020B) 


Please feel free to look over our most recent lab results.