8 Strain 8oz Kratom Sampler (1oz/ea.)

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Try (8)x 28g (1oz) of each of colored vein strains of kratom to give yourself a well deserved variety! All of our kratom is sourced from the highest quality farmers in Southeast Asia and is sealed in air tight containers while we store it to keep it fresh.

Our fresh kratom powder is made from the leaves of a tree in the coffee family called Mitragyna speciosa. Highest quality kratom comes in a fine powder. The leaves have already been processed to bring you the quality and fragrance you expect. Sourced from the highest quality suppliers in Southeast Asia.

Please leave the strains you would like in the notes section at checkout.

Ultra Maeng Da
Original Red Fibro
Superior Bentuangie
Red Thai
Kurts Blend
Jessies Blend
Red Borneo
Green Malay
Green Machine
Super Green Indo
White Indo
White Gold
Yellow Borneo
Green Borneo
Red Stem and Vein

These beautiful Kratom strains are available to you here at PA Botanicals! It is popular among those who enjoy the rich color that is produced from each strain which produces an amazing aroma. Relax, invigorate, and start your day today!

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