Updated Lab Results & NEW BLENDS!!

We’ve updated our Labs for our next Kratom Batch. We will post the Alkaloid Content next, as soon as they are received.

Also, We’ve added 2 more Blends to our Kratom Family!!!

Our Tri-Horn is a blend of 2 Horned leaves, which is our Red Thai and White Horn, then we added our Yellow Borneo.

It’s an even mix of all 3. Try it out and give us some feedback! 

The other blend we named The Grouch. If you have shopped in our store front, this is our “Grinch” Blend, renamed. 

An even mix of our White Kapuas and Green Borneo. 

We started this blend around the holidays last year with intentions on it being temporary HOWEVER it did SO WELL we decided to keep it full-time. Then, it sold so well in our store, we thought it was only right to add it to our site! So… Enjoy! And we’d love to hear some feedback. 

You can post reviews on our website, Google, or our Facebook page www.facebook.com/PABOKratom

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