Its been awhile!

So, its been awhile since we’ve updated our blog BUT now that the hustle and bustle of preparing for Black Friday is over… we’ll do better!

As you can see, we are holding 25% off sale through the month of December (yay!). ANNNNDD this discount is also applicable on top of our already-discounted CBD line (yay,again) ! 

We’ve also rolled out a few new products this month (which are also part of the sale!). 

And we’re SUPER EXCITED about it ! Our Private Reserves are definitely a must try! Here’s how it works.. 

After our shipment arrives, we send out EVERY strain & blend to be tested. We also get the Mitragynine content tested so we can see exactly how ***** that strain/blend is. 

Then, we skim through all the results by vein color & blends. We pull the 2 with the highest percentage then blend them together, evenly. 

How’s THAT for unique?! 

Our Red Horn strain is a newbie too so be sure to check that out! You know, you can also request a free sample at the checkout screen in the “notes” section, just an FYI.

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and we can’t wait to begin the New Year!

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