New Products?!

Hey everyone!

     Yes, new Kratom products have been added to the site! I’ll list them for you here…

– CBD Kratom Red Strain

– CBD Kratom Green Strain

– Ultra Alkaloid Kratom Extract (80% Mitragynine)

– 45% Extract Tablets

and 20% Kratom Extract powder, coming soon….

We’ve actually started a “Creative Committee” in-house. Its a way to get our entire team involved with the brand and to gain many perspectives about what ‘customer service’ is and how we can improve on ours. 

We meet once, every other week, and brainstorm. We bounce ideas off of each other on how we can improve and where. We’re excited to see what our team creates from this!

Of course, we are always excited when we hear from you. As a matter of fact, the reviews that are flooding in through our new review platform ‘TrustPilot” has been positive, useful, and appreciated! Thanks so much for responding to those e-mailed invites. If you haven’t seen our customer reviews.. go to your favorite product on the site and under ‘description’ you will see the Trustpilot boxes. Click there and scroll through!

As always…. we appreciate you all! Thank you guys and stay safe!

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