Payment Information

User friendly Payment Options Include: 

  • Money Order Payments - Money order payment is an easy option. The mailing address, and recipient information is:        

                                                                           GREENLIGHT OF PA

                                                          2170 EAST STATE ST

                                                          HERMITAGE, PA 16148


  • Electronic Check (Echeck)This is a safe, quick and easy way to submit payment using your checking account. All you need to do is fill out the basic info such as your name and billing address, along with your banks routing number and your checking account number. For new Echeck accounts, this process will take approx. 3-4 business days for the funds to reach us, please be patient. Once you’ve processed 3 successful payments with us, you will no longer need to wait and your orders will ship right away. Again, please be patient, this is for our safety and yours. 

Once you've placed your order and have your order total, please click the link provided in your order confirmation e-mail (also available below) to be redirected to the Green Echeck processing site to complete payment:

For more information about our Echeck process or if you would like to discuss further, please give us a call at (878) 202-4144. We can also complete this payment over the phone for you. 


  • Zelle Payment (Money transfer) - Using your mobile banking app on your smart phone, located ‘Zelle Pay’, enter recipient information which is: 

Kurt Worley





We are able to match up the name on the account with the name on the order. If the payment account and order are under two separate names, please include the name that is on the order in the 'notes' section on your payment transfer. 

If you have any questions or need assistance please give us a call at (878) 202-4144


  • Bitcoin - After placing your order, please e-mail:  include your name and order number or call (878) 202-4144.