So what happened to our site??!

On Monday, June 22nd 2020, we received an email from our Ecommerce platform, Shopify around 9:20am. In the email Shopify announces abruptly that they will be closing down our site immediately for “Violating their Terms and Conditions”.

We have been with Shopify since PA Botanicals was formed 5.5 years ago. We have had over 140,000 orders with Shopify all with 0 issues. Needless to say, we were shocked, sad and downright angry that they would do this to us without sufficient notice or clarification.

By 10am our site was deactivated from their platform. Of course it just happened to be on our busiest day of the week, Monday.

Our IT team had to build a temporary website in just 1 day so we could continue taking orders. (Our temporary site is just as good as the original, just not as pretty.)

What happens from here?

We take our lemons and turn them into lemonade! 

We are having a fully customized, newly designed, completely built from scratch new website! This will take around 160 hours of developing and we are hoping to be live by mid August.

We understand completely that this abruption has caused some issues and frustration with some customers. 

All of us at PA Botanicals THANK YOU so much for your loyalty and patience!

Stay tuned for a “sneak peak” of the new site design!

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